UMD wins $10.5 M grant for groundbreaking Big Data management

The University of Maryland has concluded an agreement with Archives Analytics Solutions ltd for the ownership and use of its lead product, Indigo. Now renamed dras-tic (digital repository at scale that invites computation), the product is an open source license. The goal is to build out an open source platform into a horizontally scalable archives framework serving the national library, archives, and scientific management communities.

The iSchool Research Support Team: Helping You Make Your Research Bigger, Better, Faster, Louder, and Generally More Awesome

When I began my Graduate Assistant position with the Research Support Team, I didn’t understand precisely what I would be doing. What, I found myself asking, is research support? I knew that it sounded interesting, whatever it was, but research support is one of those ambiguous terms that feels like it can mean many things. What the heck does a research support team do? I thought many of you might have the same question, so I’m offering you a peak at my day-to-day work and the work of my team in hopes of providing some clarity.


Research Impact

Renee Hill and Increasing Understanding of Diversity in Library and Information Studies

Diversity and inclusion in library and information studies is increasingly recognized as a vitally important topic to include in curricula, scholarly research, and practice. However, there is only a limited amount of research and literature addressing this need, especially the practical side examining methods for increasing understanding of diversity issues in LIS.


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