Hitchhiker's Guide to Doing Research at the iSchool

So, you’re all set to do your life-changing, earth-shattering research at the iSchool. Fantastic! You’ve got an idea. You’ve got a plan. Maybe you’ve even got a source of funding in your sights. Now what?

Or, maybe, you’re midway through a project of tremendous brilliance, when you’re invited to speak in China. Or you bump into a problem analyzing your data. Or you’re confronted with hours and hours of recordings to transcribe. How do you move forward?

This guide is for you! We have sought to provide answers to your basic questions about the ins and outs of research at the iSchool, and a point of contact to help you answer your more complex questions. Much of this guide links to the Integrated Research Resources on Campus, with supplements to provide extra help with iSchool processes and resources from beyond UMD. If you don’t find what you need, please let us know. We’re always looking to improve. And most importantly, remember,

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*Section titles courtesy of IRRoC


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