Renee Hill and Increasing Understanding of Diversity in Library and Information Studies

Diversity and inclusion in library and information studies is increasingly recognized as a vitally important topic to include in curricula, scholarly research, and practice. However, there is only a limited amount of research and literature addressing this need, especially the practical side examining methods for increasing understanding of diversity issues in LIS.
Professional track faculty member, Renee Hill, has been researching diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency in LIS for 10 years. Her recent work includes an annotated bibliography on Knowledge Quest which provides librarians working with children and youth to materials to deliver more culturally competent services. Dr. Hill’s book chapter (in press) in Re-Envisioning the MLS: Perspectives on the Future of Library and Information Science Education, Why is the conversation about LGBT Students’Information Needs Still in the Closet? Role of MLIS programs prepping culturally competent librarians (co-authored with Meagan Marsh) examines the importance of including diversity and inclusion in LIS curricula. In reaction to recent political events, Dr. Hill will contribute an article to the special issue of Library Quarterly focusing on reactions to the election, Aftermath: Libraries, Democracy and the 2016 Election. Her article will address how librarians can help children process these complex current events, assist them with seeking information in a “post-fact” world, and empower them to have a voice and contribute to change.
Dr. Hill’s impact comes from her dedication to a life in service to others. Through her work, she seeks to help people to better feel able to ask questions, get answers, and know that there is power in information. She sees our difference as a good thing and through her research and teaching, she hopes to convince others that if we commit to celebrating diversity and practicing inclusion, there is the possibility of change.

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